Why English?
Danesh Language Centre


Why English?

English language is generally considered as an international language and almost all official interactions between countries are usually done in this language. English is a language of all sciences and knowing it can increase everybody’s chance to achieve his career and life goals. As a result, learning English is one of the basic foundations for universal communications and knowing it has an effect on creating international communities. By knowing an international language and internet, the distances of time and place have been taken off and people of different nations and generations can interact easily with each other.

English language in most of the countries like our country, Iran, is considered as a Foreign Language (EFL), and in some other countries like Canada, it is considered as a Second Language (ESL) which is used in a society by people. Learning EFL is much more challenging than learning ESL and it is the role of a good English language institute to provide opportunities for learners to use language in a classroom context. By just a brief look at DLC’s history, it goes without saying that DLC as one of the oldest English language institutes in Tehran, Iran, has had a very effective role in improving learners’ English language by providing opportunities to work on the usage of language.


There are ten reasons for the importance of learning English language:
1. English language is a global language of international communication.
2. Studying English language can help you get a better job and achieve your goals.
3. Learning English can help you meet and talk with new people all around a world.
4. Knowing English can help you read all scientific papers and researches done in every part of the world.
5. Speaking English gives you access to a world of entertainment.
6. Learning English gives you access to more of the internet.
7. Knowing English can help you study all over the world.
8. Having a good knowledge of English makes you travelling a lot easier.
9. Speaking English gives you access to multiple cultures.
10. Knowing English gives you the opportunities to achieve your business goals since English is a language of business.