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No matter which aim you are following in your life, and at what age you start learning English language, English Language Department of DLC offers you opportunities to learn English language in our quality centre with about four decades of history. You can be sure that DLC is a great place for you to fulfill your desires in learning English language.

All of the courses of DLC are completely designed based on your age, your English level, your needs and your aims and help you use language skills by confidence. If you want to speak everyday affairs, to participate in social activities, to travel around the world, to study in a foreign university, or to reach the other aims that you have in your mind, DLC offers you a friendly and supportive educational environment to fulfill your potentials. DLC’s English Language Department is confident that learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) will be enjoyable, inspiring, and satisfying.

As a result, DLC courses are designed for the students of different ages, over 5 years with different English proficiency levels, from beginner to Advanced. In order to have a professional and methodological teaching process for the students of different ages with different aims, DLC’ work is organized in separate departments of Young Learners, Young Adults and Adult Learners and IELTS and TOEFL. Each of these departments involves experienced and trained teachers who try their bests to help students improve in their English language learning process.


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