The methodology and policy of teaching used in Danesh Language Center:
DLC is utilizing the most appropriate methodology of teaching based on the best and positive points of teaching and making use of the educated and positively experienced teachers along with the sponsoring the founder and concessionaire of these centers.
All of the effective training activities are based on cultural, environmental and the psychological conditions of the students.
To achieve these vital targets, the founder and concessionaire has applied the combination of Direct Method, Audio-Lingual Method and Communicative Approach.

Methodology accompanied by simultaneous comprehension of the books and other training materials.
We are proud to claim that due to these cases, we have gained the attention and satisfaction of the families who make the students attend our courses and thereafter, their confidences are fulfilled.
How the Danesh Language Center's methodology is carried out?
To hit the target language effectively and confidentially, we have prepared a very comprehensive lesson plan for each of the training courses.
These lesson plans are based on methodology and the positive experiences of our qualified teachers. The lesson plans are given to the teachers and the teachers are obliged to carry out the teaching according to the lesson plans. This is done not only confidentially but also effectively.
In these lesson plans, we have carefully pinpointed the practical and scientifical aspects of language targets and accurate time to do them.


Being carried out perfectly, we have analyzed the lesson plan into following categories:
1) Pronunciation
2) Intonation
3) Phonology
4) Fluency
5) Reading and Writing
6) Listening
7) Listening and Writing
8) Looking and Speaking
9) Repetition
10) Grammar and Word Order
11) Vocabulary in context
12) Comprehension and Summarizing
13) Teacher to Student Question
14) Student to Teacher Question
15) Student to Student Question
16) Lecture giving
17) Composition
18) Word Association
19) Word Building
20) Dialogue


 The main objective of issuing lesson plan is that the students after learning the items try to internalize them.
 To do so, we have decided to issue the lesson plan based on accuracy and efficiency. The teachers are obliged to follow the lesson plan in every stage of teaching. It is self-evident that DLC has achieved these training targets and are determined to follow it. To be on the fair side, we have included the very materials directly related to daily and social affairs of people attending DLC.

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